Date : March 14, 2015
As part of the PORTER 80th anniversary, the brand has teamed up with artist Michael Lau to create a limited edition 12” action figure.

Since 1935, PORTER, as founded by Kichizo Yoshida-San, has been a brand that remains true to its “Made in Japan” value and strive at always putting “heart and soul into every stitch” of their creations. In this collaboration, Lau aims to respect the brand heritage and the highly classic Porter character while giving it a hint of his signature touch to highlight the spirit of the occasion.

The 12’’ action figure holds two pieces of luggage where one reads “8” and the other reads “0” to emphasize the 80th anniversary. A special “P80RTER” label was also created for the packaging by Lau to represent the essence of the collaboration.

This collaboration is produced at a limited run of 800pcs and will be distributed at selected retail in Japan starting March 14, 2015. For more details of the figure, please visit:

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preview image of the gardeneragala figures



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